The internal and external rules that all fast money lenders must respect

Contrary to what many people think, the operations of fast money lenders do have to comply with a series of governmental and internal regulations. It is true that these private companies do not receive supervision from the Bank of Spain or the National Securities Market Commission (unlike conventional financial institutions), but that does not mean that their activity is not regulated. In this article, we review which laws have been enacted in this regard and how private lenders are self-regulating.

Laws that regulate the activity of urgent money lenders

There is no rule that specifically regulates the products known as mini fast loans, but there are two laws that all lenders that grant these loans must comply with:

  • Law 22/2007 on distance marketing of financial services for consumers: this standard establishes what information the applicant should receive fast money before and after requesting financing from a private company that operates through the Internet or other channels from distance.
  • Law 16/2011 on consumer credit agreements : this law regulates aspects such as the information that the borrower must provide to the applicant before and during the conclusion of the contract, the rights, and obligations of the lenders and the borrowers (including the right to withdrawal and early cancellation) or the method of calculating the annual equivalent rate (APR). However, credits whose amount is less than € 200 do not have to comply with this rule.

However, neither of these two laws establishes what maximum interest can be applied to bad credit loans, so the price of these products are fixed by the companies themselves according to the law of supply and demand. Currently, the average interest of these loans is around 1.1% daily.

Companies that grant quick money also follow internal regulations

In addition to meeting the standards mentioned above, many fast money lenders also follow a series of internal rules with the objective of promoting the responsible consumption of their products. In general, all of them undertake to study the applications correctly so as not to lend to clients who can not return their quick mini credits and not spread the data of the borrowers without their permission.

Many of these companies are also members of the Spanish Association of Microloans (AEMIP), a self-regulatory body that requires its members to comply with its Code of Good Practices. This code of ethics establishes what information should appear in the online portals of the lenders, in what aspects they should be fixed when evaluating the requests or what the procedure is, it is advisable to continue in case of non-payment.

Invest or speculate

Spanish bond with a maturity of fewer than 5 years 

 Spanish bond with a maturity of less than 5 years 


The financial investment consists of contributing money, in the form of capital or a loan, to a company or institution in exchange for a payment- find this Congresips. The investor, the one who buys shares or bonds issued by a company, expects that his money will be used efficiently in an economic activity, which will generate sufficient profits so that, through dividends or interests, his investment can be remunerated.

When you lend money to another, expect to be paid with an interest. Nobody, in their right mind, would lend money to another knowing, and accepting in advance, that he would not receive any retribution. And much less if you were assured that, not even the entire amount of what you lent would be returned. This principle, which seems obvious in the real economy, is sometimes not met in the financial markets. Knowing it or not, directly or indirectly through investment or pension funds, millions of people are counted, who are lending their money to governments and companies in exchange for less than nothing. Who buys a Spanish bond with a maturity of fewer than 5 years is accepting a deal for which the treasure agrees to return less money than it has received. If the bonus is from the German treasury, the negative return extends to any term of fewer than 12 years.

Lending money

Lending money



Lending to a government is, in principle, a very safe investment: after all, you have a machine to print bills. Lending money to a company, which does not have that printer, already has a somewhat higher risk. Despite this, some large European companies are already issuing bonds with negative returns in short terms. And, as a whole, in medium or long terms, they barely pay interest. The average profitability offered by the bonds of the companies of the Euro Stoxx 50 for a term of five years is below 0.4%. Very little room for any small mishap.

Why are negative or miserly returns accepted? Probably, because those who buy the bonds do not think about the interest that is paid, but about the short-term price that that bond can mark, day by day, in the markets. You already know that accepting that they do not pay you interest and return you on the due date less money than you have borrowed is absurd. But they also know that in the market there are many people like them, who may be speculating, that, before the expiration of the bond, there will be another who will be willing to commit to losing something more than them. Because he will be convinced that he will not be the last to do it.

The same companies that barely pay, on average, 0.4% annual interest to five years to their lenders, are paying their shareholders with annual dividends that represent more than 4% of the current market price of the shares. It is not a balanced situation. At current prices, buying stocks is investing and buying bonds, speculating.

Thousands of signatures to know who makes our shoes

Thousands of signatures to know who makes our shoes and under what conditions Ethical Time, the first sustainable fashion app.

Thousands of signatures to know who makes our shoes and under what conditions Ethical Time, the first sustainable fashion app.

In his shoes is a project aimed at improving coexistence in the classroom and avoid harassment that relies on tools of emotional education, positive conflict resolution and active empathy, using the theater of conscience to create environments of coexistence and prevention of violence . A new strategy to reduce bullying , which affects almost 20% of schoolchildren

It is aimed at children of 5th and 6th grade (10-12 years old), their parents and their teachers and their objective is to build a culture of peace , for which they intend that the   Emotional education and the arts are also included as priorities in public education policies , according to their promoter, the Theater of Conscience Association, which has been working since 2010 to spread emotional education through theater.

This school year 2017-2018 have already selected four preschools and primary schools of the Community of Madrid and Extremadura associate rural center and to carry out your project have launched a crowdfunding campaign in solidarity crowdfunding platform , in which they ask for 15,000 euros for the development and expansion of In their shoes .

“The data, statistics and day to day confirm the increase in violence in the classroom. The current social context generating aggression and violence in which we live (video games, television, social life …) reaches the smallest and affects their development, “say the authors of the project, for whom the lack of social models, family and even school   for the positive resolution of conflicts, it is very necessary to take care of the children, equipping them with socio-emotional skills , as well as their educators and reference adults.

“In addition – they add -, every time more frequently we find in the classrooms very diverse boys and girls; be culturally or because they have diagnosed disorders that require special attention . This aspect should also be taken care of and prevented through emotional education   of the whole group, because in the face of diversity, exclusion can occur more easily “.

The project is innovative because it goes to the root of the problem, based on the fact that there is no child who has exercised violence that has not previously been a victim , because it includes all children: those who attack, those who are assaulted and those who testify ; and because it reaches all the actors of the educational community.

The funds raised in the crowdfunding campaign will be used to make this project possible in this course and to make it grow to more schools in the coming years.

The Theater of Conscience Association has participated, with workshops and conferences, in the VIII Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in the Performing Arts (organized by the Ministry of Education in 2016) and in the First World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for violence and peace, organized by the Madrid City Council in 2017.

It has also been recognized by the University of Barcelona as good practices in the IX Seminar on Emotional Education and Values in 2013 and by the San Carlos University of Guatemala in 2014 and the Autonomous University of Chile in 2012.


For whom games are made

<span class="nav-prev">Video games with &Ntilde;: Basket Dudes</span> <span class="nav-next">Credit titles: mine are longer</span>

My memory deceives me. I swear it was not too long ago that the first edition of iDÉAME was held, the meeting of young videogame developers. Actually, four years have already passed. The IV edition of iDÉAME took place last weekend.

There I was, on Saturday, attending some of the talks, chatting with old friends and colleagues from the sector and also with young creators like Rob Álvarez de Lara , of Over The Top Games, reponsables of the fantastic Nyx Quest and Fancy Pants Adventures.

On this occasion, Roberto did not go to iDÉAME to present a project or give a talk. He was another assistant, like me and like many others who could verify that, with more or less success, with more or less resources, in Spain there are good ideas and a lot of potential for the production of videogames, and not only for consumption.

As every year, on one side were the aspiring professional videogame developers and, on the other, the already consolidated figures of the sector. At this point, I had the opportunity to listen once again to Enric Álvarez, the visible head of Mercury Steam, who gave an interesting talk in which he told how a Spanish studio has come to take over such an emblematic franchise as Castlevania .

Enric told the attendees how his beginnings were in the business, what steps he was taking, what were his biggest setbacks and what he learned from each mistake. There was no shortage of advice for young developers. One of them – on which we were discussing several colleagues later press – I found especially remarkable: it is vital that a video game creator is clear that the people who will buy your product (responsible for large companies, not the final consumers ) they are not developers.

Enric emphasized the fact that the people responsible for a company that wants to sell a project do not have to know how to make video games. They will not appreciate the hard work done , the hundreds of hours invested, they will not see what it has cost to build what is shown to them. They will only see the defects, what the product lacks to be perfect. For that reason, the important thing is to be gimmicky and to teach something that comes quickly through the eyes.

Turning to this idea, I have come to the conclusion that, at present, this idea can also be extrapolated to the direct sale to the consumer. With the ‘casualization’ of the videogame market , it is becoming more and more common to find the renunciation of great complexities in favor of simple mechanics, which immediately catch potential inexperienced players.

From this point of view, we could say that the bulk of videojuegadores of years ago was adjusted to a profile closer to the developers (with a taste for detail, appreciation of good ideas, adjusted valuation of the technical level of the game …) while the bulk of gamers of 2012 has an affordable profile to the businessman who does not have much interest in the work itself and just looking for something that hooks directly and forcefully.

If my hypothesis had some validity (something I am not sure about, since it is only an opinion), the outlook would not turn out to be anything negative. The similarity of opinion between the “businessman” and the consumer would mean that almost any product that the first bet on would be very well received by the latter. Fortunately, the situation is not so simple that the market is reduced to this and, unfortunately, it is not so easy to obtain good sales, as reflected in the latest sales figures revealed by aDeSe.


Make Money By Purchasing Corporate Bonds

The best part of going for guaranteed personal loans is that these cash lenders not only process the particular asset evaluation fast, additionally they finance up to 100 % of the asset value that is rare in case of other lenders. The only problem is that in the event anything goes wrong and you will not repay the mortgage on time, you have the risk of shedding your property.

In case you are an insurance agent that devoted to personal lines you may not prepare yourself when you get a request for the surety bond. There is no information as well as literature on the subject.

Person Bonds. The bread plus butter of blue blood. Why? They know these people already have enough and are not really interested in risking losses. In case you had millions and could reside comfortably off the interest but still have your nest egg cell grow, would it make a lot of sense to shoot for home runs and risk striking away twice as often? Probably not. Person bonds, specific types of business bonds, spend a stated interest rate for your life of the bond then repay your initial primary at maturity. It’s important not to buy a bond that you aren’t reasonably expected to mature when you are still around or whenever you will need those funds.

The particular Fed has been hamstrung with a credit-market double-whammy: borrowers that are in limbo due to worries of soaring unemployment, plus banks that have turned off the particular lending spigot. Even so, the U. S. economy dealing with its worst financial crisis because the Great Depression demands the central bank take decisive motion.

The first is types of commercial bonds. This type of connection is also referred as a bail bond. It is the most commonly utilized bail bonds in the industry. The bail agency is like the bail bond for an individual and charges a no refundable fee that is generally 10-15% of the total connection amount or depending on the condition. This will help you to get launched from the jail. Whenever an individual pays for the bail relationship services, he/she is required to indication into a contract and a guarantee that he/she will go to their scheduled court day.

While there may be a few excitement with your desire to turn into a pawnbroker, stop plus consider the following. Before you open up your shop, check to see exactly what regulations are in your town. Many areas require a pawnbroker license, a business permit, a criminal background check. Almost all necessary licenses are needed just before opening this business. When checking out for licensing, be sure to inspect state, county, and town. Many states do not need a license, but county plus city governments do. Additionally, you will need a business license plus different types of surety bonds for at least 10 dollars, 000 and of course a police arrest records check.

In the event that one just invests within the S&P500 index, he can anticipate earning, on average, about ten. 9% a year. There are many methods to enter this quick pay loans kind of investment. A proven way is to buy the trading mark SPY, which is a Swap Traded Fund that songs the S&P500 and trading just like a stock. Or, payday loans now online you can buy a mutual fund that will tracks the S&P500, like the Vanguard S&P 500 Index Finance with a trading symbol VFINX. There are others, as well. Google. com has a mutual account screener that lists quite a few mutual funds having annualized returns in excess of 20% in the last 5 years. However, you should try to find a screener which gives a performance for the past 10 years or even more, if possible. To put this straight into perspective, 90% of the ten, 000 or so mutual money that exists do not perform along with the S&P500 each year.

In closing, it is essential to look at is the commercial common liability insurance. If a viewpoint vendor does not have an industrial general liability insurance policy, prevent them like the plague. If a supplier tells you they have commercial standard liability insurance, ask for the copy. Then contact the company listed at the top plus check the validity of this plan. Also, ask about coverage quantities.

Top Tips To Choose The Best Payday Loan Lenders

You already know you have an awful credit score, but it may be beneficial anyway at this point to move ahead and work your credit report. You may be shocked at the fact that your score is higher or perhaps lower than when you previous checked.

Maintaining collateral can be a further problem which harasses many borrowers. Looking unable to supply safety the high-risk unsecured loans can never let you down. The financial institution occasionally provides this sort of loans along with bad risk, but the borrower is never denied connected with help. With this kind of brave steps benefit-risk unsecured loans happen to be helping the borrowers a lot.

This sort of loan is the same as everything you may have heard because of a high-risk personal loan. These are all different headings of the same thing. When you discover advertisements for any of these, which for you.

Also, you can web use for the application of these loan products. Or else willing to load numerous types, you need to go for the online establishing of application. These kinds of financial loans are free from your document work. All you have to is filling up an internet application form and article it online. The type offers essential specifics about the debtor just like the name, age, love-making, bank account number, and so forth When the online loan company is satisfied, he can allow payday loan online ## Green-Touch instantly.

There are advantages for this type of loan. One does get benefits from using high-risk loans guaranteed approval loan passage other types of loans. You’ll still get the benefit of getting your payments reported to the credit agencies, so it is power up your credit rating, but you buy faster approval together with an overall quicker use process.

In this era typically people are suffering from credit rating history. Due to this, these people were not able to complete just about all financial problems in time. But now UK loan company offers an investment plan i. e. no credit check loans. These loans will give you cash about real need moment. Most of the people would like fast cash intended for the short period. Explanation these loans are prepared for a little time. These types of loans are delivered only to UK folks. From applying to agreement loan, you don’t need to distribute even a single papers regarding the loan. With one of these types of financial strategies, you can complete your urgent needs with no and delay and even hassle.

Nicely, if you’re a homeowner, you can try the possibility of getting a small home loans poor credit equity loan. A property equity loan provides helped out many individuals just like by yourself.

These kinds of loans are very speedy. All the credit method and work are done electronically. You can go for this particular loan by applying for the lender’s website. Right here you just need to load an online application form giving all your personal together with financial details as soon as everything is as for every terms and condition, your personal loan is sanctioned. The advantage of this mortgage is that you need not wait even a day to obtain loan approved. If everything is up to tag, you can get your mortgage amount at the same moment of applying. This will make it a very convenient way of loan.