Thousands of signatures to know who makes our shoes

Thousands of signatures to know who makes our shoes and under what conditions Ethical Time, the first sustainable fashion app.

Thousands of signatures to know who makes our shoes and under what conditions Ethical Time, the first sustainable fashion app.

In his shoes is a project aimed at improving coexistence in the classroom and avoid harassment that relies on tools of emotional education, positive conflict resolution and active empathy, using the theater of conscience to create environments of coexistence and prevention of violence . A new strategy to reduce bullying , which affects almost 20% of schoolchildren

It is aimed at children of 5th and 6th grade (10-12 years old), their parents and their teachers and their objective is to build a culture of peace , for which they intend that the   Emotional education and the arts are also included as priorities in public education policies , according to their promoter, the Theater of Conscience Association, which has been working since 2010 to spread emotional education through theater.

This school year 2017-2018 have already selected four preschools and primary schools of the Community of Madrid and Extremadura associate rural center and to carry out your project have launched a crowdfunding campaign in solidarity crowdfunding platform , in which they ask for 15,000 euros for the development and expansion of In their shoes .

“The data, statistics and day to day confirm the increase in violence in the classroom. The current social context generating aggression and violence in which we live (video games, television, social life …) reaches the smallest and affects their development, “say the authors of the project, for whom the lack of social models, family and even school   for the positive resolution of conflicts, it is very necessary to take care of the children, equipping them with socio-emotional skills , as well as their educators and reference adults.

“In addition – they add -, every time more frequently we find in the classrooms very diverse boys and girls; be culturally or because they have diagnosed disorders that require special attention . This aspect should also be taken care of and prevented through emotional education   of the whole group, because in the face of diversity, exclusion can occur more easily “.

The project is innovative because it goes to the root of the problem, based on the fact that there is no child who has exercised violence that has not previously been a victim , because it includes all children: those who attack, those who are assaulted and those who testify ; and because it reaches all the actors of the educational community.

The funds raised in the crowdfunding campaign will be used to make this project possible in this course and to make it grow to more schools in the coming years.

The Theater of Conscience Association has participated, with workshops and conferences, in the VIII Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in the Performing Arts (organized by the Ministry of Education in 2016) and in the First World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for violence and peace, organized by the Madrid City Council in 2017.

It has also been recognized by the University of Barcelona as good practices in the IX Seminar on Emotional Education and Values in 2013 and by the San Carlos University of Guatemala in 2014 and the Autonomous University of Chile in 2012.